los angeles criminal defense lawyer

We, consisting of attorneys and former prosecutors hailing from a few of the best law schools, offer top-level experience and knowledge to defense of all of our clients.  We believe that maintaining a different team offers our clients with the best criminal defense possible.  Each member’s backdrop hails from a diverse side of justice and legal system, making our joint effort uniquely important to our great success. Above everything else, we’re criminal defense attorneys. The particular charge the government selects to put against people is not vital in guiding our approach as we believe that a carefully crafted, solid defense is better to a diehard one.  Any case comes to evidences not allegations.  Though our law firm touts an imposing roster of high profile and corporate clients, we treat each of our clients as a high profile one. We believe that each case deserves high profile, high-stakes treatment and that all our clients must receive complete attention from our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer. Our team’s aim is to offer the best possible defense to each of our clients. Collectively, we offer something exclusive – big-firm’s representation in small-firm atmosphere.  

For our clients, criminal charges are a shattering disruption in their every day routine. Many people are unable to concentrate at work or even sleep. After meeting us during initial consultation, often our clients report getting peace of their mind. Criminal defense tends to be more than about system, best/worst case scenario, or law. It is actually about you. It’s about getting you to the life back that you had prior to arrest. During initial consultation, we’re able to offer our clients a frank assessment of their condition and discover defenses that client's frequently didn't recognize existed. It’s because a successful defense is frequently buried in the details of case. Criminal defense tends to be as much regarding criminal laws as it‘s about applying common sense to any specific set of facts. Contact our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer today.

Handling an arrest is an extremely frightening experience for anyone. A criminal prosecution that comes after the primary arrest or the appearance ticket carries risk of incarceration, job loss, license suspension, loss of personal properties and court mandated supervision. In fact, you may lose your job, home, driver's license, professional license, and the freedom at first court appearance known as "arraignment". Criminal conviction results in permanent criminal records and can have lots of other life-changing consequences.

Getting your criminal case dismissed tends to be our main priority. You will find a talented and aggressive Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer team committed to defense of the people charged with crime in Los Angeles. Our lawyers are experienced criminal defense lawyers and former prosecutors who bring an exclusive opinion to our criminal defense cases. We have handled thousands of criminal cases successfully and we use our extensive background and experience in the criminal law. Practicing both in federal and state courts, we provide the experience and resources to deal with any legal problems with unparalleled personal attention and service with our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer team.